We are working for:

1. Deprived Children Education
2. Rural Children Development
3. Skill Training & Employment for Youth
4. Women Rights and Empowerment
5. Searching and Rewarding Talents

Deprived Children Education

Nelson Mandela Said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

Education is the basic need of every child. Children are future of the country, it is mandatory to bring every child to school. It is significant to identify why children remain out-of-school and address the underlying reasons. Some of the major reasons listed are distance, lack of infrastructure and lack of funds to enable them to gain proper education, instead of having to struggle and earn a living to fill their stomach.

Rural Children Development

1. Activity based primary learning
2. Health and Nutrition
3. Behavior and intelligence growth

Skill Training & Employment for Youth

The aim of research studies in the skills segment are to build research partnerships in order to identify existing skills gap in various sectors and propose possible solutions and way forward by making use of India’s knowledge and expertise and promote dissemination of ideas so as to bring about amicable working solutions to the skills gap and employability issues. The skills segment focuses on creating relevant and high-impact research studies and also creates supporting events that bring practitioners together.

Research and analyzing of skill gap between industries demand and supply, accordingly take necessary actions to train youth as per industries demand. Youth Counseling, Life Skill, Comm. Skill and Basic IT Knowledge; these are important parts of our training curriculum. We are aimed to empower 1000 youth by 2020.

Women Rights and Empowerment

Women empowerment in simple words can be understood as giving power to women to decide for their own lives or inculcating such abilities in them so that they could be able to find their rightful place in the society.

According to the United Nations, women’s empowerment mainly has five components:

1. Generating women’s sense of self-worth
2. Women’s right to have and to determine their choices
3. Women’s right to have access to equal opportunities and all kinds of resources
4. Women’s right to have the power to regulate and control their own lives, within and outside the home and
5. Women’s ability to contribute in creating a more just social and economic order.

Thus, women empowerment is nothing but recognition of women’s basic human rights and creating an environment where they are treated as equals to men.

Searching and Rewarding Talents

Finding out brilliance and talents in India who have even small but genuine achievements which is good for own/others change/progress either in education, sports, social activities or any development sector to award and reward them to grow in respective area.